Municipality Services: Right to Public Service Act, 2013


Services provided by the Mal Municipality


Time limit for providing services


For enquiry please contact 

1.  Water Supply:

1.1. Sanction of new house connection

30 days from receipt of application

Dipankar Bhattacharjee


1.2. Repairing of water supply line (Minor repairing)

7 days

1.3. Arresting leakage of water in mains and wash of ferrule.

7 days

1.4.Supply of water through tanker / lorry

On the date of requirement.

2. Sanction of building plan:

2.1. Approval of Site Plan and building plan for the residential buildings


30 days

2.2. Sanction of Site plan and building plan for commercial or mixed use buildings.

30 days

2.3. Sanction of plan for addition, alteration or repairing of old buildings.

30 days

2.4. Initiating actions against illegal buildings/ building activities.

7 days

3.Birth and Death Registration:

3.1. Issuance of Birth and Death Certificate in case of domestic birth or death.

Within 15 days after receiving application

Subodh Bhattacharjee












3.2.  Issuance of copy of Birth and Death Certificate

Within 7 days, if recorded after the birth and death.

3.3. Issuance of Cremation Certificate

At the time of cremation from the crematorium/ burial ground, if cremated or buried, as the case may be, in a crematorium/ burial ground of an Urban Local Body.

3.4. Correction of records related to Birth or Death Certificate









7 days


4. Enlistment of Profession Trade and Calling and other licences:

4.1. New Enlistment Certificate

10 days

Prasanta Bhowmik


4.2. Renewal

10 days

4.3. Registration of cart, carriage etc.

7 days

5.  Assessment:

5.1. Assessment of new holding, partition, change of name/ correction of records

15 days

Prasenjit Dutta


5.2. Issuance of any type of certificate or certified copy

3 days

5.3. Licence for advertisement

15 days

6. Conservancy:

6.1. Garbage Cleaning

2 days

Subodh Bhattacharjee



6.2. Removal of animal carcass


1 day

6.3. Cleaning of drains

7 days

6.4.   Cesspool tank wash

10 days

6.5. Cleaning of garbage after receipt of Special Cleansing Charge.


1 day

7.  Electric:

  7.1. Replacement of defective street lamp and repairing (Minor)

2 days

Raja Dutta


7.2. Installation of new street light

7 days from the date of completion of installation of poles and connection by the electric supply agency.

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